4. Physical & Mental Health


 Journey to Wellness…

Committing our Bodies to Physical and Mental Health

As an organization of predominantly African American women, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. is uniquely positioned to impact not only the well-being of its membership, but also the well-being of families and communities at large.  The initiative addresses the challenges of living holistic and health lives.

Areas of Focus:

  • Healthy Lifestyles: A refocused Lose to Win! To include Physical Activity and Healthy Eating
  • Physical Health: Chronic Diseases – Diabetes, Heart Disease, HIV/AIDS, Cancer
  • Mental Health: Bullying, Postpartum depression, Depression and the College Student, Successful aging
  • Delta S.I.Z.E.D. – Sorors, Invigorated, Zealous, Energized, and Determined for Physical Activity. 


  • Participation in Walk-a-thons: City of Hope Walk for Hope; Susan G Komen Breast Cancer.
  • Collaboration with International Awareness: World AIDS Day, Human Trafficking Symposium and Health Fair. 
  • Collaboration with Youth initiative: YMO Sexual Health and Hygiene workshop